June 28, 2012

With my cowriter

A brief note from me to let you know that reports of my disappearance have been widely exaggerated.  I'm still around, but tweeting less and writing less for my personal blog.  I've been quite preoccupied as of late with my joint blog.  I never thought I'd enjoy having a co-writer, having imagined fiery arguments over plot points and character wardrobe selections.  But as it turns out, if you find the right person it's a nourishing creative experience.  Your minds are in sync and your vision is similar, making for "yes, that's perfect" comments and quick calls of "jinx" as we share a similar idea simultaneously.  So right now I'm running free with my cowriter by my side, enjoying the giggling bursts of ideas.  When I need to sneak off for some alone time, I'll come back here. Promise.

February 02, 2012

In your arms

Don’t let go
I’m safe here
In this tiny world
That your arms made for me

January 31, 2012

The Stranger

They were known simply as the Lucky 7. Known for their tricks, for never backing down, for going all the way. They strutted about and surveyed the town. They were confident they would own every inch. Quite the bunch they were. Some wary, some confident (one unworthy).

Then they froze as the winds changed. They heard some light rustling and knew who it was, it was the In Betweens gang.  The In Betweens were a notorious rival gang. They didn't have the drive of the Lucky 7, but they were loud and unruly. Pure trouble.

The two surveyed one another with disdain, muttering their condescension.
"They're wannabes."                 
"They're tired."
"We know how to finish."          
"We're more fun."

The Lucky 7 and The In Betweens flew towards each other in heated rage, ready to prove who was most worthy.

Then a soft voice said " Hello". Silence.  They turned to stare at the voice in darkness. "How certain are you?" the voice asked. "I could break all of you in half right now".

They knew immediately who it was, The Stranger. They thought he was a myth, a scary story you tell to guys you want to deflate.

The Stranger inhaled his cigarette, eyeing the In Betweens. He just shook his head. "You're barely a snapshot", he said. They knew it.

The Stranger exhaled the smoke onto the apprehensive Lucky 7. "Just because you broke in, doesn't mean you own it", he said calmly. They knew it.

The Stranger stomped out his cigarette. "This ends now. Go on your way, be what you are. But don't think you can rule." He laughed.

They knew he was right. He was something unique, undefined, unconquerable. As long as The Stranger was in town, they were mere memories.

The Stranger watched as the Lucky 7 and In Betweens scattered to their proper places. He smiled and continued to slowly wander the streets.

January 25, 2012


I had a nightmare. That same one that repeats every now and then.

I am running from someone evil, for what seems like an eternity. I'm not even sure where I am. All I know is that it's dark, and it feels like the world is closing in.

I run into an abandoned house, and find a creaky circular staircase heading down to a basement. There are no stairs going up, only down.

I run down, down, down the stairs. Never moving fast enough, forced slow motion the way it always is in dreams. My unidentified pursuer always just nipping at my heels.

When I reach the bottom, there is only a small landing space and a rusty orange door leading to a room. I hide inside the room and lock the door, thinking I'm safe in this locked space.

But then I look up, and realize that the room has very high stone walls and no ceiling. My eyes follow the openness all the way to the top of the circular stairs. And standing there at the top is my smiling captor. I have run right into his trap.

Then I wake up. Always immediately after the capture.

January 23, 2012

In a box

I keep our lost love
hidden in a box
your composed affections
tied up
so they can never leave me